We have not ONE but TWO of the BEST Body art facilities located in Mendocino County. Both of our facilities have highly trained and skilled body art practitioners. We also have TWO of the most INNOVATIVE sterilization machines to this modern day. As a Body Art Facility we are constantly looking for the best way to bring the cleanest and utmost sterile solutions your way. 

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Tango Willits 
158 S. Main St. Willits, CA 
Oasis Fort Bragg
319. N. Franklin St. Fort Bragg, CA

Say Hello To Our Piercers 

Megan Young
Owner - Body Art Practitioner - Permitted since 2018
Ashlynn Dudley 
Manager of Tango Willits - Body Art Practitioner - Permitted since 2022
Ashley Dunbar
Manager of Oasis - Body Art Practitioner - Permitted since 2022
We like to keep it STERILE
Each facility has TWO sterilization machines. One Statim for fast Immediate Steam Generation and one Autoclave. Both of these machines are used for a highly effective method of sterilizing and disinfecting to ensure you get the most STERILE body jewelry, tools and MORE!